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As with many things, when it comes to cooperations we also believe in an organic and naturally evolving partnerships. We appreciate our customers (YOU!) the most, regardless of being active on social media or not. Because we know that you are really dedicated to our products and story, and you are the ones who help us grow the most. Therefore the most important thing for us is to show our appreciation towards you – for instance with our loyalty program, giveaways, ocassional discounts or suprises when you open your packages.

We feel incredibly grateful for those of you, too, though, who have not only become a returning, loyal customers in our first years of business, but also have been representing authentically our brand. You have amplified the values we stand for on your social media accounts, and it has helped us to reach more amazing customers, and make more friends.

Our experience has also helped us shape the way we look at these partnerships, and give us a clear idea of what cooperations (or rather friendships) we would be happy to keep nurturing in the future. Since we get many enquiries every day – an amazing compliment to us, by the way! – we have decided to establish our Play Ambassador Program and Community according to these experiences.

So what do we have in mind? Here are the most important points:

An exclusive Play Ambassador Community for active social media accounts from 1500 followers on (or in return of valuable content)

Do you have a beautifully designed Instagram or other social media profile, which revolves around motherhood, kids or play? Do you love natural toys and accessories as much as we do? Do you buy or would buy them anyway because they are natural part of your lifestyle? Do you have an authentic, active and relevant audience? Amazing! Because then, if we can identify with you, we are more than happy to welcome you in our brand ambassador community, where we offer a general discount of 25% of for personal use, further monthly discounts and opportunities for campaign-based cooperations. In return, we, of course, would be delighted to spot our products from our shop in your posts, and find ourselves tagged or mentioned in a genuine way. We find it incredibly exciting to find inspiration with you – let it be small or large scale!

As we all know numbers are not everything. Therefore we can also offer occasional discounts in return of beautiful and / or valuable content that we can use on our social media accounts or marketing – mostly photography, but also videos or even a guest blog post on our blog. For instance, if you are a photographer and happy to send us a few photos of the purchased products, in return we can offer you a one-time discount of similar value.

Individual co-operations and joint giveaways

Whether you are a returning customer or not, and ticking most of the boxes above, beyond our Play Ambassador Program, we are also open for individual, campaign-based co-operations or campaigns on your initiation. In that case, we would be happy to hear about yourself and also about the specific idea and proposal you have in mind with us, and you think would suit us. Whether it is a joint giveaway, a discount for your own followers, a blog post or any other idea. Above the interest in our products, we also appreciate if you share insights about your audience and its engagement – if you have a full media kit, even better, share with us so we can get to know you and your offer better!

We are also happy to consider joint campaigns (such as giveaways) with other retailers who stand for similar values, too.

How to apply?

Sounds like jazz and exactly something you had in mind? Excellent! Then all you need to do is to fill out our application form. We are looking forward to hearing and hopefully playing with you!

Disclaimer: Please note, that we are a small family business working with ethical low marges, and as much as we would like to, probably we won’t be able to say yes to everyone in the same time. In certain periods, we can have only a few ambassadors. If we are unable to work with you for the time being, it doesn’t mean we don’t like your work – we will keep actively following you and think about you when we have another possibility. Discounts are granted for a certain period only, on a case by case basis, with a possibility of prolongation and growth. In case they are misused, we reserve the right to cancel them anytime without prior notice according to our terms.

Picture: Jasmina Lozar Photography. All rights reserved.