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Together with our favourite family center, Gnezdo, we would like to invite you to our monthly international playdates in Ljubljana! We wanted to create a place, a cozy little nest, where play is the language we use, and where parents and children can connect – no matter if you’re a local or an expat living and playing in Slovenia!

Whether you’re looking for a place where

… you can spend a lovely afternoon playing, with a heart-warming cuppa in hand;
…you can mingle with local and international parents and expose your child to a multilingual environment from early on;
…you can try our colourful natural toys or chat freely about child development (or you know, just the small things in life!)

then you’re welcome to join us! And of course our doors are also open, no matter what other reason you’d have to come and play with us!





It’s an open event, but since Gnezdo can nest around 8-10 families on each occasion comfortably, we’d kindly ask you to register before. This way, in case of cancellation or any change, we canalso  give you a shout and inform you easily!

The event is entirely free of charge! Contributions to the snacks or cleaning fee are always welcome in the piggy bank, but not compulsory. In case of any questions, please feel free contact us at!


Gnezdo Family Center is located in Šiška district of Ljubljana – you can find it under the address of Trg komandanta Staneta 5, 1000 Ljubljana. The place is nested inbetween two buildings, right next to Pedosana. There are many of parking places around (mostly behind), but you can also leave your car at Aleja shopping centre from where the place is a walking distance. You can read more about the family centre and their regular activities here.


Gnezdo can be accessed easily with strollers, and they can be left in front of the place, under a protected roof. In case you don’t feel comfortable leaving your strollers outside, we recommend leaving them in your car. Place all belonging on hooks and racks in the lobby area, and we kindly ask you to remove shoes. We have comfy slippers waiting for you if you’re not a sock person!

We invite you to use our bathroom to wash hands upon arrival. The restroom is child-friendly, and you’ll have the opportunity to change diapers there. We’re also supportive of breastfeeding so feel welcome to answer the needs or connect with your little ones without asking or feeling uncomfortable about it!

We know we are all very responsible and caring for each other, but we are need to put out a gentle reminder: make sure everybody is healthy, so all we take away is fond memories! If your child has any symptoms or your motherhood instinct says one of them is getting sick, rather stay at home and cuddle! We will have plenty of opportunities to play together again. The recommended time when you can come and join our play with ease of mind after illnesses is usually 24-48 hours without fever.

As on some of the workshops or events might include food or snack in Gnezdo, in case you have allergy history, let us know in advance. With guidance we will try to make all necessary precautions to our possibilities or let you know if we are not capable of. Please make sure that snacks stay at the snack area, so the play space stays clean and inviting.

The play and activity is unsupervised, so make sure you’re keeping an eye on your own little player(s) as you are responsible for them during the event. Our space and toys appeal to children 0-5 years and we welcome all ages, we are trying to set up the space thinking of all ages. There are also many benefits of mixed-age play. But that also means that we invite grownups to supervise their small kids (for safety issues like small parts) and big kids when playing near their younger buddies.

We appreciate if you respect the play environment and if you encourage your children to treat not only each other but also the materials and toys with respect and care. Try to handle them with the same love like you would do at home. Help us keep sets complete and try to encourage or help children to put them away, so there’s enough space to continue the game at all times. In case you see a damaged toy, please remove it from play and let a host of Gnezdo know about it. We would like to kindly remind you that you are also responsible for any damage caused by you or your little one.

Please do not leave valuables unattended – Gnezdo is a cozy place with a heartfelt community and visitors, and we do our best to lock doors whenever possible to keep all belonging safe. But we cannot take responsibility for loss, damage or theft of personal items while at Gnezdo. Unclaimed items left in our space are kept for a month, after which we can donate or give away.

On our events we might use the services of a photographer or make photos ourselves. By participating on our events you give us permission to use these pictures to showcase the event or our work. We always try to make pictures of children not exposing their face fully, never in uncomfortable situations. And of course, we also respect your wishes – in case you have any objections or have personal wishes, feel free to contact the host in Gnezdo, and it will be fully respected. Also, we are happy in case you share with friends or on social media snippets or our event(s). But also try to be considerate with fellow families, that they might not feel comfortable sharing. When in doubt, always ask for permission yourself, too!