Pojga: Electric Tractor


Electric?! No, maybe not in the traditional sense! But surely this is the most modern, silent and environmental-friendly tractor a Pojga could dream about! A beautifully handmade piece that will surely become a favourite piece of every little farmer!

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About the product:

  • Article number: 050802
  • Brand: Pojga
  • Recommended age: 3+
  • Measurement: app. 9 x 11 x 40 cm
  • Includes a wooden tractor and a detachable trailer, 5 sacks filled with rice and / or levander, and two removable peg doll with non-dettachable yarn hats (colours may vary).
  • Warning: Due to small parts and choking hazard please do not give it to children under the recommended age!
  • Material: pinewood, painted with milkpaint and finished with natural oil mix and Swedish wax
  • Care: We always advice you to clean the toy with a wet wipe, before the first use. Please do not expose the wood to excessive wetness, and never immerse it fully in water!

Pojga wooden figures and toys are designed and made in Transylvania. They conform with the European Directives for Toys (DIN EN 71). Please note that the products are handmade out of wood and wool. As a result, they might differ slightly and even have unique markings since wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of their natural origins.

About Pojga:

We discovered Pojga (pronounce “požga”) recently but it has become quickly a personal favourite in our home. Not only because they are handmade in Transylvania – where we have family roots ourselves, too -, but also because they are one of a kind! Call us romantics, but these toys have souls! The Pojgas (or Woollies, as we started calling them) have quickly become the main characters in our playroom, being part in most of our games and stories. They are such individuals, just like the Grapat Nins®! All Pojga toys bear the marks of handcrafts: there are no two pieces which would be entirely identical in their details, and that just adds to their sense of uniqueness and irreplaceability. The Pojga workshop has a signature of mixing different types of hardwood with the warmth of wool and textile, and their simplistic Waldorf-inspired toys invite children and adults alike to fill in the missing details with their imagination and creativity.