Tegu: Magnetic Car (poppy)


Click-clack! With Tegu’s new toddler range, little minds can enjoy the wondrous world of Tegu from early on! Perfectly sized for small hands, this little magnetic toy car will not only be a perfect first vehicle, but also incredibly interesting compared to other toys, with the sensation of magnetic forces playing around. Choose just one or build a whole train by mixing with and connecting to other racers.

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About the product:

  • Article number: MRC-PTL-801T
  • Brand: Tegu
  • Recommended age: 1+
  • The set is made of three parts, and fully compatible with all other Tegu magnetic wooden blocks.
  • Material: sustainably-sourced hardwoods, painted with safe, non-toxic, water-based lacquers
  • Care: Tegu blocks are special, so they need special handling, too! Please read our care instructions below!

Tegu magnetic blocks are designed in the US, and purposefully manufactured in Honduras. They are made of sustainably sourced, FSC-certified Honduran hardwoods (called Huesito), and finished with water-based lacquer. They are naturally safe: they contain no lead, no plastic, no toxic material. Their products conform to the most important international safety requirements for toys, including regulations in Europe (EN71), in the USA (CPSIA) and Canada. 

About Tegu:

Tegu came alive in 2009, when two brothers’ strong wish to tackle the herculean task of alleviating poverty and deforestation in Honduras met the brilliant idea of rejuvenating a classic wooden toy. They established an independent toy factory in Tegucigalpa (called shortly as Tegu), providing Honduras residents with jobs and schooling, as well as supporting local reforestration efforts. But it is not only the ethical operation of the company that, we believe, sets them apart, but also their idea of play and the innovative product they came up with. Tegu magnetic wooden blocks bring a brand new dimension to classic building blocks. By safely embedding magnets into each piece, the blocks become curiously attractive for both kids and kids at heart. They have created a new logic of open-ended building: by defying gravity you can truly push your imagination in ways never before possible. Tegu magnetic block is a wonderful 21st-century invention, but undoubtedly predestined to become heirloom toy over the next years! Just be warned, playing with them is incredibly addictive! Check our full range of Tegu products. 

Care instructions:

Tegu toys are special, therefore they need a bit more of careful handling than other toys. Here are some advice how to keep your blocks in shape and a to treasure them for years to come:

  • Always – but especially before the first use – clean the blocks with a damp clothes. But never expose wood to excessive wetness, and never immerse it fully in water! No, Tegu blocks are not made for water play! In case they get wet, try to dry them out slowly, and never on a radiator!
  • Playing with them outdoors is fun, but please never leave them outside. Don’t expose them to direct sunlight or excessive heat.
  • Wood and paint can wear with time, it is absolutely normal. But handle them with care to avoid bigger damage. Wood is an alive material after all!
  • Don’t leave the toys around pets – chewing can also cause them damage and pose risk to the pets!
  • In the rare event of Tegu block getting damaged, please stop using them and send us back fo a replacement. Never give a damaged block to a child. Warning! The blocks contain magnets, which – if swallowed – can cause health complications! Seek immediate medical attention if magnets are swallowed or inhaled.
  • Don’t use the magnetic toy around computers or other electronic gadgets!