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…a colourful, soulfoul and multinational company, who love to… you guessed it right: PLAY! We love everything about play, because we strongly believe that play has the power to change our world! It is not only necessary for children to build themselves and build an innovative future, but play is essential at every age and stage!

We do not only run and build brick by brick the most rainbow-coloured toy retail shop of Slovenia, Malih nog naokrog, but we try to spread playfulness in different ways also. We distribute toy and childcare brands in Slovenia (and the region) who we zealously love  – so the play revolution can get to more shops! We also offer professional photography and marketing services to other playful retailers and businesses, who are not satisfied with doing things as everybody else does, but like to stand out.

If you think we could play together, pop into our mailbox and say “hej!”.


…you are a playful manufacturer who are looking for distributors and brand ambassadors in Slovenia (as well as the region, including Croatia and Hungary);

…a retailer and would like add to your shop one some of the toys of our distributed brands;

…or a retailer who needs beautiful stock photography of products, personalised lifestyle photoshoots, copywriting services and help with social media connected to toys, play and childcare

we would love to hear from you in an email!
Let’s change the world together into a more playful place!


PlanToys is one of the most beautiful toy companies of the world! For more than 4 decades, when the whole industry was going towards one-and-done toys and plastic overuse, PlanToys came to life with the mission of sustainable play. They are a pioneer of sustainable toy manufacturing – and they have stuck to it no matter what! They have been coming up with innovative materials and changing practices, even when it was not the trend yet. The mission might have its roots in the past, but their toys are anything but old-fashioned: they design high-quality, modern-looking toys, that never ever compromise about the environment neither child-development!



Waytoplay is a young Dutch company, but have designed an ingenious toy that will have its worthy place in the classic toybox even for generations from now on! Their flexible all-terrain road sets allow you to take play wherever you go: to the beach, to the sandbox and even to the bathtub! You can literally build your own path if you love to go off-road in play!

If you are a Slovenian retailer and interested in stocking their sets, write to us at and we’ll find way(s)toplay together!

We all have a background in marketing and creative arts – probably that’s how we ended up devoting ourselves to play! When we established our company, it was no question that we wanted to tell our own story, using our own unique voice. We tried to create – photos and content which are a bit different. And then people and other companies really liked that and came to us for help, too!

We love toy and play photography, we love to show off our beautiful toys in new lights! Our photographers have worked for and have been featured by created leading international brands – and whether you are a toy retailer, manufacturer or childcare professional, we are also happy to help you!

Whether you would like to purchase a licence and use some unique stock photos of ours, or have us created play and toy photos specifically for you, contact us at To small playful brands, who would like to conquer the world, we also offer copywriting and social media services through our extended team (in English, Slovene or Hungarian).