Complaints and Returns

Even though we always try our best so that shopping with us is a pleasant experience, it might happen that we, our manufacturers or our courier partner still make a mistake. After all we are human! So unfortunately it might occasionally happen that whether you don’t receive all or all the right items you’ve, or a product arrives damaged; or quite simply, the product is not to your liking. Our terms and conditions outline all the necessary information, but we would like to give you a hand with answering the most important questions and summing up all the necessary information here about what to do in such cases – just to make the process faster and easier.

1. What if my package arrives damaged?

If your parcel is visibly damaged already upon delivery, in a way that you think it could affect the content as well, then we advise you to do one of the followings:

  • If the courier person allows it, please check the content in front of the courier personal to make sure the content is intact. If the damage of the box didn’t affect the toys inside, you can take over the package with an ease of mind.
  • If you are not allowed to open the package, then insist on filling in a form and registering the fact that the parcel was damaged upon arrival.
  • If the courier service is not helpful documenting this fact, but you think the damage is not substantial, you can still decide to take over the parcel and sign it, but in this case please add to your signature at least: “signed with reservation”.
  • If the courier service is not helpful at all, ultimately you can still refuse the package. In this case it will be taken back to the depo, and we will be notified.

Important: If you take over a package (ours or any other, for that matter) without taking one of the precautionary steps above, we might not be able to prove damage and claim compensation, and your replacement or refund might be affected.

In all cases, we would like to kindly ask you to notify us within 24 hours of delivery by filling in this online form, or writing us an email to about the damage and what steps you have made, and we will be happy to assist you with resolving the situation.

2. What if I haven’t received the right item or items are damaged?

If no damage was visible from the outside, we kindly ask you to open the package after arrival if possible, and check whether you have received the right items, and if they are all in a good condition. If you discover any mistakes, please let us know preferably within 3 working days (but not later than 2 months) after taking over your package by filling in this online form, or printing this form here and sending it to us by post,  or sending us an email to outlining the same necessary information and attaching pictures. Please keep the original packaging, tags and stickers of the items – we can only accept complaints like this, as we might need the information (for example batch number) and proof to make sure of the origins of the item. 

We will do everything to solve the problem as soon as possible: if only a part of the toy is damaged, then we can offer sending a replacement part after consulting the manufacturer, we can send a replacement product, or if we are unable to do any we will offer a refund of the price it has been bought for.

Please note that in case you have received a damaged or a different item, we might need to take it (or them) back, and we need your cooperation in their return. Of course we will arrange and cover the cost of returning the articles, and we will always do after consulting you and picking the option causing the least inconvenience.

3. Is my toy damaged or faulty or just have natural characteristics?

Most of our products are handmade out of natural materials, therefore they have more unique characteristics than mass-produced uniform products. We always try to inform our customers about these characteristics (for example, in product descriptions), and these cannot be claimed as faults in a complaint. Before buying natural toys, please read carefully the products pages, and we also invite you to read this article of ours.

Of course if the product is not to your liking or you are not satisfied with it, you still have the right and option to normally withdraw from the contract and send it back to us as outlined below.

What is considered as faults in wooden and natural toys?

If a product or a part of it is broken, has cracks, chips or splinters, then you should never give it to your children, but please contact us. If a product cannot be used as intended (for example a lid of a shape sorter cannot be opened or closed), then again we consider it as a defect.

What is NOT considered as faults in wooden and natural toys?

  • Wood can have have various markings by nature that can also show up in the products. Therefore wooden toys can naturally have changing structures and colours: it can have darker lines, different grain structures or even dark knots.
  • Most of our manufacturers use water-based stains, as they are healthier, more natural and also preserve the beautiful structure of wood. The structure of the wood can absorb this kind of paint differently and it is absolutely normal that colours can vary, and painting is not uniform on the same kind of product, or intensity of colour is not even everywhere on the same products. Since the toys are many times not coated and sealed with lacquer or heavy varnish, minor paint transfers are also absolutely normal.
  • It is also normal that no two handmade products are alike. Minor asymmetries (for example in stackers or rainbows), variance in weight or thickness, velvety or a bit rougher finish (as long as it is not splintery) is again absolutely normal. Wooden figures are hand-painted, therefore every single piece is unique and they are not uniform. They can slightly differ from the one shown on the picture!
  • Some of the wooden toys are finished with natural oils, including linseed oil which might have a stronger then usual smell after opening the packaging. This smell is completely natural and will disappear with time and use. Finishing oils can also cause some transfers on the packaging if they come in a cardboard or sack.

4. What if an item gets damaged later during play or a piece of the toy is lost?

Even though wood is a durable material that can serve us for generations, it doesn’t mean it is indestructible, because… well, really, no material is! We try to make sure that our partners stand for high quality: they select premium wood without structural defects, they design and test their products for longevity, and they do extensive quality control. It might happen that with the passing of time, the wood will have dents and small scars. It is quite normal, and it only means that it has truly accomplished the main aim of providing children with hours of creative play.

Also, wood is a natural and living material: it constantly evolves and reacts to changes of the environment, such as heat or humidity. So if a toy is not stored properly, or it has simply unseen tension within and falls or receives a hit (especially in a specific angel compared to the wood grain), it can get a dent or break. Not using the toys for the intended purpose, or rough handling, including throwing or dropping them might increase the risk of such damage. To make sure that a possible damage doesn’t pose any risk to your child, we always ask you to consider the age recommendation by the manufacturer. This is the age the toys are safety tested for, and these recommendations also take into consideration possible damages of certain products, and the way of children naturally play at that developmental stage.

The good news is though, that with a bit of wood glue, sanding paper and love, wooden toys can be repaired. We are also happy to send you a little emergency kit if it is needed. We believe in today’s world it is also a valuable teaching moment to our children: real things can be repaired and loved the same way. Damage is sometimes normal, and wounds are part of who we are.

Also, if only a part of the toy is damaged (or even lost), some of our manufacturers can provide replacement parts at a small charge to you.

Of course if you believe the toy has got a damage with little or normal play within a short time after delivery, we are more than happy to assist you with your complain. In this case please let us know filling in this form or write an email to us with the same information to Also, by filling in the form, we can help you enquire or request a replacement spare part (when available) according to the manufacturer’s practice. Please note the practices are different in each case, and replacement parts can be usually requested at a small charge to you. 

5. What if I simply don’t like the toys that I ordered? Can I send them back?

Even though we try to give as much information as possible to help you with your shopping, buying things online is not the same as buying things in a physical shop. Items might be different as you have imagined, and you might change your mind. For this case, within the European Union, you have the right to withdraw from the contract and send back the items after 14 days of arrival in case you haven’t used them.

If you would like to send the items back, please first of all fill in this online form, or print this form here and send it to us by post, or send an email to us containing the same necessary information to

The item(s) need to be sent back to the following address at your own cost:

Malih nog naokrog, Playgency d.o.o.
Industrijska cesta 5., Kromberk
5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia

If you arrange the transport yourself, please make sure that the package can be tracked and you have a proof of sending. It is your responsibility to make sure that the return package arrive to us. On your request we are also happy to help you, and arrange a return transport – in this case we will let you know the cost of it beforehand, which will be deducted from your refund.

Please be aware that the item must be in a resalable condition – packaging must be original and unopened. The item shouldn’t be used, only checked at arrival to the extent you would be checking it in a physical shop. If the packaging or toys are not intact, or the toys were visibly used, we can refuse refund or choose to provide only a partial refund.

We will issue the refund when once we have received the item(s). We will refund the price for which you purchased the item(s) and the original transport cost – if you have paid any. Of course if you have ordered other items that you decide to keep, the transport fee won’t be refunded. And if with the return your original order value goes below the free shipping limit, we can also deduct the shipping cost from your refund.

6. Can I exchange an item if I don’t like it?

If you send back an item to us (see Question 5), we cannot automatically exchange it for another product. Whether we will provide a refund, or if you would like to order something else instead, alternatively we can issue a voucher for the amount that you can use for making a new order in our webshop.

7. How do you provide refund?

We can provide a full or partial refund through bank transfer, or through Stripe if you have paid through this platform. Refunds are always provided in euro, even in case of international orders, and no additional costs will be refunded (eg. banking costs, including exchange rate differences). Please note through Barion we do not provide refunds unless specifically requested – through Barion we can only provide a full refund, and it might take up to 30 days until it is processed and shows up on your bank account.