We have written already why we love wooden toys, and shared also a list of things that we think you need to know before buying wooden toys. In this article, we have collected a couple of practical advices, though, that will help you to keep the wooden toys in a good shape and let them enjoy for years to come.

Storage: Humidity and heat can change the structure of wood, deform it and make it more prone to even breaking. Therefore we advice you never sumbmerge toys fully in water – and even if they get wet, dry them slowly at room temperature. In general, keep them away from radiators or humidity when storing them.

Cleaning: Never use chemicals or disinfectants with wooden toys, but clean with a wet wipe only. Many times we receive worried emails questioning if they cannot be sterilized, are they really safe then? Rest assured, they are. Wood, when not protected with high coating of varnishes and have a more natural surface (like with Grimm’s or Grapat toys do, for instance), is a very hygienic material. It has antibacterial properties and destroys most of the bacteria on its own, because it holds moisture so well – so germs practically can’t survive. Just think of your wooden spoon which you have been using for years without any health problems. We really do not recommend any harsher chemicals or disinfectants, not only because it can destroy the paint or the structure, but also becase wood will absorb them. And for a child who puts everything in the mouth it will be much more dangerous than not being sterilised at all. If you are still worried and would like to clean them more thoroughly, after an illness for instance, try a little vinegar in  water. Be aware though that it can still effect the colour, and it might work better with wooden toys with thicker varnish or coating.

Handling breaks: If a toy or part of the toy breaks, it can be sanded and / or glued very easily. In case you don’t have wood glue, feel free to reach out to us, we might be able to provide a little emergency kit. Please do not give a broken toy to your children for obvious safety reasons until they are fixed. Sometimes, if the nature of a product allows it, replacement parts can be also requested at an additional fee. Please note though that it is not always possible – an arc of a rainbow for instance cannot be supplemented, since it was cut from one piece of wood, and a replacement might not be fitting.

Respecting age recommendations: Even though we like to say that many of these wooden toys are really ageless because of their open-endedness, it doesn’t mean the age recommendations, provided on the website and the products, should be ignored. Try to look for and respect these guidelines, and never use the toys under these ages, especially without supervision. Not only because a younger child might handle a more delicate toy naturally a bit more roughly, but also because a damage might pose a safety issue for her.


Cover photo: By Giling-Galang Photography (Hungary). All rights reserved.