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…familiar faces and smiles from time to time returning to us, and we love to see your children growing along us! If you have been following us for some time, you might know that the two things we appreciate the most – beside creative, colourful play, of course! – is community and loyalty. That’s why we decided to launch a very special Family Circle – or a VIP membership club, if you like – to those of you who have been the most loyal to us over time!

To our family members we organize
where we offer
on our entire selection for personal use (and personal use only).
We might also offer every month another special surprise discount or benefit only available to them. 

The discount codes are always sent out in sweet and short WhatsApp messages directly – after all this is how families communicate nowadays, don’t they? Since we know it is a more personal way of being in contact with you, we also pinky promise we won’t take advantage of it. We will send one or two messages every month, no more, and you can opt-out any time.

You can become a VIP customer if

(1) you have made a purchase with us at least two times, and
(2) altogether in the minimum value of 150 euros.*
(*excluding purchases which have been entirely or partially returned)

You will be able to enjoy the benefits of your membership for 12 consecutive months, after which you can of course always reapply again.


Find your invoices from the last 12 months, click on the button below and fill in the form. After letting us know you would like to join, give us some time to go through your application and approve you.

List the invoice numbers of your invoices in the value of at least 150 euros, issued on your name in the last 12 months:(Required)
I give permission...(Required)
I would like to receive VIP benefits and offers in...(Required)

To receive our message(s) you need to add us to your contacts, though. Click on the chat button below and once it opens up in your WhatsApp, tap on our number and add us to your contact list. 

If you are approved, we will try to send you a welcome message within 48 hours, and you will start receiving benefits for 12 months after it. In case you change your mind during this time, you can always send us a message saying “UNSUBSCRIBE” and we will no longer pop into your WhatsApp.

In case you have any questions you can always send us an email to our customer service, or well… you can just WhatsApp us!