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This is probably the most frequent enquiry we receive. And quite frankly, we understand! We love a good deal ourselves, too! And while our products are fairly and sustainably priced (so we don’t play tricks to be able to offer you constant heavy discounts), we still like to offer some treats when we can – especially to our most loyal customers!

Whether you are returning to us, or it’s your first time here, we have collected you all the options where we offer you a bit of a saving. Beside these offers, we are always bring some lovely surprises to you – through our partners, on events, or special promotions. The best way to learn about them is through our social media channels, so make sure you follow us!

We also always aim to be transparent, so below you can read our commitment regarding price, which we would like to prove with a price match promise, too! If you have question regarding the nitty-gritty of our latest promotions, you can also scroll down for all the info!

Every second Wednesday of the month we have a little Rainbow Calendar with some elf-coupons. They offer some really sweet deals, but they are limited in use for the first few customers only. Why don’t you check if there is anything exciting left this month?

Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll surprise you with a 5% discount on your first purchase – and, needless to say, with many more exclusive offers in the future!

Keep returning to us and place your order as a registered customer – we will be automatically giving you shiny magical loyalty coins to use on your next playful purchase!

To our most loyal customers, who have been playing with us longer, we try to give back even more, so once a month we organize a virtual shopping night with a whooping 10% VIP discount!

No haggling in our bazaar! But why would you, when you can find the best deals on some seconds – like items with damaged packaging? You’ll need a password to access: takoseigramo.

Find last pieces of discontinued toys, or ones which we probably won’t offer in the future anymore in our selection. Many times they are offered at a discounted price. Don’t forget to check out our colourful Clothing Sale, either, for some sweet deals!

We also work closely with institutions working with children or people with special needs. If you are a kindergarten, library, health care institutions or specialist, we offer you a partnership program and institutional discounts.

To offer your baby the very best start, we would like to give you a hand in selecting toys and materials with children’s development in mind. We are happy to share our experience and to offer a special newborn discount until their first birthday!

We’ve always tried to be honest and transparent about our prices and promotions in the past – and we are committed to keep sticking to it in the future! We fully respect you, and have never ever manipulated our prices in order to offer you a seemingly bigger discount. We also try to keep our prices low and work with sustainable and ethical margins all year around. To help transparency whenever we offer you a sale price – also meeting the new customer protection regulations – our system automatically displays the lowest price from the 30-day, before the discount. This way you can be sure what you compare the sale prices to! In our Outlet, Bazar or Clothing Sale sections on the website the sale prices are marked towards the original recommended retail price (RRP).

Sometimes our or another retailer’s price can be slightly higher for the same product, as material and manufacturing prices change faster these days, sometimes from month to month. So if you spot a bit lower or bigger price elsewhere, it doesn’t necessarily mean anything bad. But to show our good intention, we’re even happy to price match in such cases if you find one of our products elsewhere that you would like to buy with us! We just have a few simple criteria for it:

  • The shop needs to be an official webshop, based and operating in Slovenia.
  • The product must be entirely identical, and the other retailer needs to have it in stock, available to order online and deliver within the timeframe we offer.
  • We need to have also the item in stock.
  • The price offered must be visible on their website and available to all customers. No personal discounts (eg. from loyalty program or personal voucher) can be taken into consideration.
  • Shipping prices of the retailer can’t be higher – otherwise the shipping price difference can be taken into consideration and deducted.
  • No further discounts or loyalty point can be applied on price-matched products.


…and after we have checked and validated it, we will send you a coupon for the price difference that you can use for 3 days. One customer can request a price match for the same item only once!


Hope you will understand that other than the offers above, our colleagues cannot give information over the phone, email or social media enquiries regarding current or planned promotions. Neither can they disclose promotional codes on individual requests through phone. Codes are always published in campaigns published on our social media, offline placements or on physical flyers distributed with orders or other offline campaigns. Over the phone our team – as much as they really have their heart on helping you – is not able to give information on individual codes sent with individual orders, either. All customers receiving codes are responsible keeping their codes or remembering the code of the offer they are eligible to. We do not take any responsibility for loosing the promotional codes or any misuse when it has been disclosed to third parties. Please note, beside the campaign specific terms disclosed under, all promotional offers are subject to our general terms and conditions.



Promotional period: 15-31th May, (23:59 CET)
Valid on category: waytoplay
Description and special terms: In case customer purchases a waytoplay flexible road set and applies the code at check-out distributed in the advertisement, a waytoplay car can be chosen and added to to the basket free of charge as a promotional gift. Please note that the offer is not valid without applying the code or choosing a gift item and adding it to the basket. Valid until stock lasts, or within the promotional period specified above. Valid for orders with Slovenian shipping addresses only, and not valid together with other promotional offers.



Promotional period: 23 March – 3rd April (23:59 CET), 2023
Valid on products: PlanToys category
Description and special terms: The code is published in the online advertisement distributed on facebook and Instagram in Slovenia. Codes are valid on selected, full-price products listed under the category above, and a minimum amount of 1 piece needs to be added to the shopping basket to be able to use the discount coupon. The coupon needs to be applied at check-out by the customer and then the 15% discount is automatically applies. Free shipping option also comes up when the coupon is applied, and it needs to be selected manually by the customer. Free shipping is only offered when the purchase contains a product from the advertised category, to addresses located within Slovenia and for orders where payment is made in advance (not valid for orders with payment on delivery). The code cannot be applied retrospectively, once the payment is done no refunds can be made. The promotion cannot be applied with other offers, and no loyalty points are collected after the purchase.


Promotional period: 3-6th April (23:59 CET), 2023
Description and special terms: In the campaign period with the code HAPPYBIRTHDAY 10% discount can be applied on the entire selection of the webshop (including items already on discount, excluding shipping costs).  The coupon needs to be applied at check-out by the customer. The code cannot be applied retrospectively, and once the payment is done no refunds can be made. The promotion cannot be applied with other offers (excluding the extra birthday offers specified below), and no loyalty points are collected after the purchase.

Additional newsletter discount(s): During the campaign period additional discount can be applied for newsletter subscribers. Each morning for four consecutive days a newsletter is sent out between 7:00-10:00 in the morning with a discount code offering an additional 6% discount each day on two selected brand categories, specified in the email, and valid until 23:59 of the corresponding day. For the maximum amount of discount both HAPPYBIRTHDAY and the daily coupon code distributed in the email needs to be applied at check-out. Please note that in this case our system calculates the discounts consecutively (and not both discounts on the original amount): in case both coupons are use, the 10% general discount is applied on the amount from which the 6% has been deducted already.

During the promotional period we cannot keep or join orders placed on different days, we reserve the right to treat each orders individually.