This is probably the most frequent enquiry we receive. And quite frankly, we understand! We love a good deal ourselves, too! And while our products are fairly and sustainably priced (so we don’t play tricks to be able to offer you constant heavy discounts), we still like to offer some treats when we can – especially to our most loyal customers!

Whether you are returning to us, or it’s your first time here, we have collected you all the options where we offer you a bit of a saving.

Subscribe to our newsletter and we’ll surprise you with a 5% discount on your first purchase – and, needless to say, with many more exclusive offers in the future!

Keep returning to us and place your order as a registered customer – we will be automatically giving you shiny magical loyalty coins to use on your next playful purchase!

To our most loyal customers, who have been playing with us longer, we try to give back even more, so once a month we organize a virtual shopping night with a whooping 10% VIP discount!

No haggling in our bazaar! But why would you, when you can find the best deals on some secondary items – like with damaged packaging? You’ll need a password to access: takoseigramo.

Hope you will understand that other then this, our colleagues cannot give information over the phone, email or social media enquiries regarding current or planned promotions. Neither can they disclose promotional codes on individual requests through phone. Codes are always published in campaigns published on our social media, offline placements or on physical flyers distributed with orders or other offline campaigns. Over the phone our team – as much as they really have their heart on helping you – is not able to give information on individual codes sent with individual orders, either. All customers receiving codes are responsible keeping their codes or remembering the code of the offer they are eligible to. We do not take any responsibility for loosing the promotional codes or any misuse when it has been disclosed to third parties. Please note, beside the campaign specific terms disclosed under, all promotional offers are subject to our general terms and conditions.



Promotional period: 1 -9th June, 2022 (midnight, CET time)
Promotional codes: ZELENISEJEM and MINIVRTEC
Description and special terms: Both codes, when applied at check-out, offers 15% discount from on the whole selection (with the exception of product already on sale) when placed within the promotional period, and when personal collection are selected on one of the specified events in the specified time.

Order placed with the code ZELENI SEJEM can be taken over exclusively at the stand of Malih nog naokrog on the event of Zeleni sejem, on 11th June (Saturday), 2022, between 10:00-17:00, held in the park of Škofijskih zavodov v Šentvidu, Ljubljana. (Štula 23, 1210 Ljubljana Šentvid).

Orders placed with the code MINIVRTEC can be taken over exclusively at the stand of Malih nog naokrog on the event of Mini Vrtiljak, on 11th June (Saturday), 2022, between 10:00-17:00, held in Mini vrtec (Kadilnikova ulica 7, 1000 Ljubljna).

To apply the discount, all orders need to be pre-paid, payments need to arrive by 12:00, 10 June, 2022 to our account. Only personal collection available. If the pre-paid packages are not collected during the events, we reserve the right to cancel and refund orders. In case collection is not possible due to cancellation of the events (or by our fault), packages will be delivered to the address agreed with the customer free of charge within domestically. Discounts cannot be applied together with other promotional offers, and cannot be claimed retrospectively once the payment has been already made. No loyalty points can be used or collected together with the offer.


Promotional period: ongoing, until withdrawal. Validity is stated on the individual physical coupon.
Description and special terms: Occasionally – when there is no other active promotion – we include a promotional coupon code in fulfilled orders which can be used on purchasing certain brands in our web shop. The coupons (when more codes are active) are distributed randomly among orders. The codes are sent on a physical, printed flyer, included in the package and valid only on the items listed under that specific brand on our web shop. The codes can be only used once per user until the validity date stated on the voucher for online orders  – most frequently until the end of the consecutive month. Codes are not valid on sale items, shipping fee and any other promotional offer applied on the same items. Other promotional offers can be applied to other items only, purchased within the same order. Can be used together with loyalty points.



Promotional period: 31 March – 7 April (23:59 CET) 2022
Promotional code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY
Description and special terms: In the promotional period 10% discount is offered for purchases with the application of the promotional coupon code at check-out. The discount is valid on all available, in-stock items in the shop – including products already on discount. The discount does not apply on the shipping fee. The promotion cannot be used together with other promotional offers (unless specifically specified by the that offer), and cannot be claimed retrospectively once the payment has been already made. Can be used together with loyalty points, but no loyalty point is collected on purchases where the code has been applied.


Promotional period: 19-30th April, 2022. (23:59 CET time) or until stock lasts
Promotional code: published in corresponding advertisements on brands advertised
Description and special terms: During the promotional period 10% discount can be applied on the products of the two selected brands, named in the advertisement with the code published together. Codes are not valid on sale items, shipping fee and any other general promotional offer applied on the same items. Other promotional offers can be applied to other items only, purchased within the same order. Can be used together with loyalty points, but loyalty points are not collected after the purchase.


Promotional period: 22 April – 24 April (23:59 CET) 2022
Description and special terms: During the promotional time 9 different discount coupons (so called Earthling coupons) are distributed on different products pages over the website of, both the Slovene and English version (mirrored and translated). The coupons are as follows (with the following limitations):

1.PlanToys discount coupons:

2.PlanToys free gift coupons:

  • 3 different coupons for a free PlanToys gift (RRP: 10 euros) that can be selected from the available offer when a min. purchase limit of 25 euros is reached (each 3 coupons can be used by a maximum of 3 customers)

3.General discount coupon:

  • 15% discount on the entire purchase (excluding shipping cost) (can be used by a maximum 3 customers)

The codes need to be applied at check-out during the promotional period, and all have the indicated limitation in use. Once they have been used the maximum available times, they cannot be used any longer, which the system at the time of application clearly notifies. In all cases items already on sale are excluded both in terms of discount and in calculating a minimum shopping value (in case of the free gift coupons). Each customer (defined by email address and / or shipping address) can use one Earthling coupon only. The codes cannot be combined with each other, and the free gift coupons (2) and the general discount code (3) cannot be combined with any other promotion available at the time. No loyalty points are collected when the discount codes are applied. Discounts and gifts cannot be exchanged for money (or any other alternative gift after selected). In case of the free gifts, if the order is cancelled or returned, the gift needs to be returned as well. In case of a partial return, the gift can only be kept if the non-returned part of the purchase would have made customer eligible for the gift.