Bauspiel: Sparkling Roofs (12-piece) (cardboard box)


One of Bauspiel’s favourite, this set comes with 12 pieces of roof-shaped blocks and a touch of magic. The acrylicgem stones inserted into the blocks fill the playroom with a lot of sparkles! The set comes with 6 interesting shapes (2 pieces each), that will add new dimension to any fantasy buildings!

The set comes in a cardboard box. 

Shipping: 2-5 days

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    About the product:

    • Article number: BS0258
    • Brand: Bauspiel
    • Contains 12 blocks: with non-transparent acrylic inserts. Comes in 6 different shapes – 2 pieces of each.
    • The set comes in cardboard box.
    • Material: natural alder wood, treated with oil, acrylic insert
    • Recommended age by the manufacturer: 3+
    • Warning: Small pieces. Not suitable for children under the recommended age. 
    • Care: We always advice you to clean wooden items gently using a damp cloth only, before the first use. Please do not expose the wood to excessive wetness, and never immerse it fully in water! Please do not use disinfectant or hot water. When drying, please do not put on a hater, as this may cause racks in the wood – simply let dry at room temperature.
    • For maintenance we suggest to treat the blocks once a year with food grade oil (like linseed or sunflower).

    Bauspiel wooden toys are all handmade, without exception. Since wood is a natural, living material it always has various markings that show up in the products, making each piece unique. These are signs of their quality, and a proof that you are holding in your hand a one of a kind toy. 

    About Bauspiel:

    Bauspiel means “building game” in German – so we might tell no secret that building blocks are the specialty of this small German family-owned workshop. In fact, we really believe they make the most wonderful and functional building blocks we have ever seen! Bauspiel was originally a kindergarten supplier, but their sets has gained popularity beyond the institutional framework for its high quality craftsmanship and unique design that appeal to children’s senses. The blocks are designed with geometry and building structures in mind, and with a unique combination of locally sourced hardwood and glittering acrylic inserts. The play of the sparkling light gives the sets a magical touch: it ignites children’s curiosity and imagination. All Bauspiel toys are made with sustainability in mind, and with meeting with the golden EN71 safety standard for toys.

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