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We really appreciate if you return to us from time to time, and let us grow with your little ones! We are really grateful for the community of loyal customers around us, that’s why we always try to give back as much as possible.

To our returning customers we also offer a loyalty program: during every purchase you can collect shiny, golden loyalty coins in your imaginary pouches, which later you can use for discounts if you return to play shops with us again! We have collected all the important information and answers to your questions about the program on this page.

How can I participate in the program?

First of all, you need to have a registered account. If you haven’t made one yet, you are welcome to register on our webpage anytime here. Then, before making a purchase, please always log into your account – your registered account will be your imaginary pouch, and this is the only way how we can gift the coins to you. Now you are ready to start collecting loyalty coins!

How can I earn loyalty coins?

If you are a registered user, you automatically earn loyalty coins when you shop with us. After every 1 euro spent in our shop (excluding of course, the shipping cost), you will earn 3 loyalty coins. From time to time, we also try to come up with some fun campaigns (such as in our newsletter) to give you the chance to earn even more shiny coins.

How can I redeem loyalty coins?

If you return to our little shop in the Emerald Valley within 3 months after earning the coins, then you can exchange every 100 loyalty coins into a 1 euro discount (for example 123 coins will equal with a discount of 1,23 euros). You can also always decide how much of your points you would like to use within the validity period – so you can keep some for a later time! At check-out a window will pop up and let you decide how much of the available point you would like to use. There is one important rule though: at every purchase the maximum amount of discount that you can get with loyalty points is 15 %. 

Where can I see my balance?

A little Tomten from our Treasury keeps your account up-to-date: your points, as well as the changes of your balance are visible on the My Account page, under the Loyalty Coins section.

Can I get or use loyalty coins with other discounts?

As a rule of thumb, if you use another general (percentage) discount, you will not earn any loyalty coins after that product or purchase. You might not be able to use your loyalty coins either when you are applying another general discount to your purchase. (Unless of course we promised in that little campaign otherwise!). The good news is though, that you will be getting loyalty points after the final amount, when you used only loyalty points as a discount.

Can I use loyalty coins on all products? Are there any exclusions?

We reserve the right to exclude certain products or product categories from discount codes and that includes our loyalty program. Currently the following restriction apply: From 1st May, 2021, until further notice discount codes (including general discounts, discount provided for newsletter subscriber and loyalty points) cannot be redeemed on Grimm’s products.

What happens if I cancel or return an order?

In case where an order was made with redeeming loyalty points, and it is cancelled before shipping, the loyalty coins spent will be returned to the customer’s account automatically. They can be used within the original validity period. In case partial or full return and refund happens loyalty points unfortunately cannot be reimbursed. As for the earned loyalty points, in case of cancelled or returned and refunded order, loyalty coins will be deducted after the canceller or refunded amount.

Is there any other terms that is good to know?

Loyalty Coins earned are non-transferable to other users or account, do not have any monetary value and cannot be exchanged for money. Purchases redeeming loyalty points need to be made by the account holder. If misuse or abuse of the program is suspected, we reserve the right to monitor any account. Any misinterpretation or any conduct detrimental to our interest may result in immediate account deactivation and revocation of all loyalty coins. We reserve the right to exclude any individual from the program at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to change, limit, modify or terminate our loyalty program with or without further notice.

For the full terms, please always consult our terms and conditions.