Elsa Beskow Postcard: September


The Swedish children’s author and illustrator, Elsa Beskow’s charming drawings printed as postcards for each month of the year, and can be purchased separately or in a yearly set. Celebrate the change of the seasons by incorporating these beautiful cards into your nature table with a card holder, frame them to decorate your children’s room, or give them as birthday cards.

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    Product information:

    • Article number: 16622HJ
    • Illustrator: Elsa Beskow
    • Size of the card: 15 x 10,5 cm.
    • Material: strong postcard papers.
    • Printed in Sweden.

    About Elsa Beskow: 

    Elsa Beskow was a Swedish children book’s author and illustrator. Generations of Swedish children have grown up on her books, and they have become classics in many other countries over the last years for a reason. Her charming fairytales and illustrations hold a child’s pure and wondrous view of nature, combine a childlike mixture of phantasy and reality, and treasure freedom. Her most beloved books among many are Children of the Forest, Pelle’s New Suit or Peter in Blueberry Land. Her Art Nouveau style illustrations are many times framed as nursery decoration or used on Waldorf-inspired nature tables.

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