Glückskäfer: Rainbow Building Tiles (big set)


Build towers, houses or bridges, or create flat mosaics with these rainbow-coloured wooden tiles coming in different sizes. A beautiful new open-ended toy from Glückskäfer that can be used mixed with other building blocks or in itself!

Tip: the colours are in harmony with the Ocamora colours, so can be a lovely addition to those toys for a more complex building!

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    About the product:

    • Article number: 523302
    • Brand: nic Toys / Glückskäfer
    • Recommended age by the manufacturer: 3+
    • Warning: small pieces in this set can pose choking hazard. Please do not give the toy to children under the recommended age!
    • The set contains 64 pieces altogether.
    • Material: FSC-certified bass wood with water-based stain.
    • Measurements: L. of tray app. 35 x 28 x 5 cm. W. 2 kg.
    • Care: Please do not expose the wood to excessive wetness, and never immerse it fully in water!

    Glückskäfer toys are designed in Germany and manufactured whether in Europe or by a small family workshop in Bosnia, conforming with the European Directives for Toys (DIN EN 71). Please note that some of their products are handmade out of wood and painted mostly with water based paints. As a result, they might differ slightly and even have unique markings since wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of their natural origins. Over time colours and wood can also wear with play. 

    About nic Toys and Glückskäfer:

    Nic Toys, a prestigious and traditional German toy manufacturer, has been representing quality, safety and creativity over the last 25 years. The brands nic, Walter, Bodo Hennig and Glückskäfer all belong to the company, and they all stand for the values of being designed with children’s development in mind, and being manufactured ethically and sustainably. The Glückskäfer line is especially well-known in Waldorf and Montessori circles due to their two unique ranges: under this line you can find both wonderful rainbow-coloured open-ended toys, which spark the imagination and creativity of children, as well as child-size, real tools helping their growth of independence from very early on.