Grapat: Perpetual Calendar


Teach the cycle of the year and the passage of time to your children in a tactile, easily comprehensible way with this beautiful nature and Waldorf-inspired perpetual calendar. The set contains 12 Nins®, 4 season platforms bearing the names of the months, two wooden cubes with the numbers of the days, and a bowl which can always hold some seasonal nature treasure. A family favourite in our house!

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    About the product:

    • Article number: 17-167
    • Brand: Grapat
    • Recommended age by the manufacturer: 1+
    • The set contains 12 peg dolls, a platform in 4 parts, 2 cubes and 1 bowl.
    • Measurements: Nins® measure app. 6.5 in height, ring has a diameter of 22 cm, the bowl 6 cm, and the cubes are 3 cm wide.
    • Material: beech wood
    • Care: Please do not expose the wood to excessive wetness, and never immerse it fully in water!

    Grapat toys are designed and made in Spain, conforming with the European Directives for Toys (DIN EN 71). Please note that the products are handmade out of wood and painted with water based stain. As a result, they might differ slightly and even have unique markings since wood grain has changing structures and colours which serve as proof of their natural origins. Over time colours and wood can also wear with play. 

    About Grapat:

    Grapat is a small family business from Catalunya, that realised from the desire of leaving the city behind to live in a natural, rural environment. Their wooden toys are inspired by a natural approach, and the idea that children need only a few key basics to create their imaginary worlds. Simple wooden figures, cups, bowls, loose parts and shapes in seasonal, naturelike shades are in the core of their range. At first glance, at least to the untrained adult eyes, they might look even a bit too simplistic – limited maybe to sorting and pattern-creating. But give it into your children’s hands and shortly you will realise they are pure magic. They inspire creative, imaginative play that fully absorbs them for hours. To grasp their essence better, maybe think of them rather as kind of art materials than conventional toys which pre-determine games or ideas. Just like a couple of blocks of crayon or pots of paint, Grapat toys inspire children create and express their wonderful inner worlds freely. Read more about the brand here or view the full Grapat range in our shop.

    Mama Bear’s Favourite: 

    Being creatures of the present moment, children might not be able to understand the abstract concept of time so easily. Providing them with a hands-on material, like this beautifully handcrafted perpetual calendar makes the concept tangible, and it helps to develop the understanding. But I don’t only love this piece, because it is “educative” (oh how much I hate that word, when it comes to toys!), but also because it brings rhythm into the home: it reflects and emphasises the ever-changing seasons indoors. And turning the cubes with your child every morning after waking up is also a lovely family ritual to treasure and hold onto!