Janod: Girls in Costumes Magneti’Book


Have you discovered Janod’s Magneti’books yet? They are the perfect toys at home or even on the go! So, how do they work? The sets include a host of different magnetic items for kids to put together: they can use the templates coming in the box, or play freely and come up with their own ideas! This set invites your child to dress up girls in different costumes – again they can try to copy the 8 templates provided or let their imagination go wild!

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    About the product:

    • Article number: J02718
    • Brand: Janod
    • Recommended age: 3+
    • Warning: small parts, please do not give it to children under 3!
    • Measurement: L. app. 19 x 4 x 26 cm (of packaging). Contains 46 magnets and 8 template cards and comes in a book-shaped magnetic box that makes it easy to store or play even on the go.
    • Material: cardboard.

    Janod is a French toy company who have been producing high quality wooden toys for over 40 years and are based in the Jura mountains of France, the birthplace of the French toy industry. the company is well-known for offering fun, brightly coloured and educationally valuable toys and games.