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About Us

We are a Slovenian-Hungarian family, raising a child in the gorgeous Vipava Valley, Slovenia. Our story is about the desire to grow as parents, and provide our son with a simple and beautiful childhood, and a naturally enriching environment in today’s fast paced world. This wish inspired us to leave the hustle and bustle of a capital city behind, and settle in a little village among captivating mountains in search of a slower and greener life. As parents we have been influenced by Montessori and Waldorf parenting, as well as the ideas of forest schools.

As parents we believe in the power of imaginative play and nurturing creativity. In pile of beautiful books and magical stories. In dirty and busy hands, and in bare feet. In freedom to explore and endless outdoor adventures. In following our child’s curiosity and fostering his independence. In respectful and peaceful parenting. We believe in and advocate a simple, slow and natural childhood, full of wonder and wander.

We have opened our family business Malih nog naokrog (which literally translates as ‘Little Feet Go Around’) in order to share the passion for these ideas with you. We wish to offer things that truly enrich and add colour to every child’s life: timeless and meaningful toys, quality craft materials and unique, natural accessories. We know from personal experience that parenthood is a constant learning curve, and it is so easy to get overwhelmed with the choices we are offered today. That is why in our range we include brands that we have personally tried, tested and fell in love with along our own child.  The products are carefully selected for quality, purpose, meaningfulness and beauty, and they are produced in an ethical and sustainable way. Without exception they are loved and chosen because we think they contribute to a natural, healthy and enriching environment for the little absorbent minds. We work with conscientious companies who share our values, and would like to provide the best for our children, and at the same time try nourish and preserve the world in which they will grow up.

But it is not only products we aim to share with you, but also our passion for parenting and the cause of getting children back to nature. We’ve chosen our guiding motto, “NATURE IN THEIR HANDS” because we believe the next generation, especially in the early years, needs less screen, less plastic, less organized activities, and more fresh air and connection with the natural world around them.  It is fundamental not only in their development and well-being, but also because of the future of our planet. Along this belief, we wish to initiate and get engaged in related causes, even if just small ones. We wish to bring to you inspiration through our Playing a Mother blog, too, and in the same time to learn from you and other parents. Because we are learning ourselves, too. We would also love to see the birth of a supportive and nurturing community of like-minded parents around our little family. Come and help us on facebook or Instagram!

Thank you for joining us on our journey!

Mitja & Noemi