Sarah’s Silk: Around the Year on the Farm Playsilk (classic size)


A delightful collaboration between Sarah’s Silks and illustrator Stephanie Green of Wilded Family, known for their beloved Waldorf home accessories. This limited edition playsilk beautifully illustrates and celebrates nature’s yearly cycle around the farm. Like Stephanie’s wooden seasonal wheels, it can serve as a centerpiece on a nature table or during seasonal celebrations. Printed on silk, it offers much more versatility though: children can use it as a backdrop or accessory in their imaginative play, or as a canvas for spotting and vocabulary games. Around the Year Playsilks encourage children to recognize the changing seasons and deepen their connection to the Earth’s natural rhythms, all while exploring one of their favourite topics: the joys of farm life.

Available in two sizes in our shop (until stock lasts): classic size and large size for hanging on classroom and playroom walls and building play.

Shipping: 2-5 days

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    About the product:

    • Article number: SS502417
    • Brand: Sarah’s Silks
    • Measurement: app. 90 x 90 cm
    • Made of 100% mulberry silk (8 momme), coloured by hand with non-toxic, environmentally safe dyes. 
    • Care: Handwash with cold soapy water, then hang it to dip-dry (without folding or creasing it). Do not use stain remover or any other harsh chemicals. Iron on very low temperature to restore shine.
    • Recommended age by the manufacturer: 3+
    • Safety tested by the rigorous standards of US and EU.
    • Warning: Not suitable for children under 3. Small parts. Choking hazard.

    Which size to choose?

    Sarah’s Silk playsilks come in three different sizes:

    • Mini playsilks (app. 50 x 50 cm): are great for younger children (with supervision, of course!). Hanging them on the play gym, tie it to a wooden ring or use them with a tissue box. Later they are perfect as head scarves or fashion accessories, stepping stones or pocket toys to take with you.
    • Classic playsilks (app. 90 x 90 cm): the most versatile size of all! Great for dress-up play or small world play, dancing or movement, but also the best choice for furoshiki-style gift wrapping.
    • Giant playsilks (app. 275 x 90 cm): these extra long playsilks are the to-go choice for active play and den or fort building. They are ideal size to throw it over your Pikler triangle, for instance, and turn it into a tent. They are also great choice for kindergartens or group play.

    About Sarah’s Silks:

    Sarah’s Silks is a US family owned company specialising in Waldorf inspired natural toys for more than 25 years. At Sarah’s Silks they believe in the magic of creative play, and the company’s toys have been staples of Waldorf kindergartens and playrooms for decades! The playsilks  are the highest quality mulberry silk, coloured with vibrant, environmental-friendly dyes. Gentle on Mother Earth, silk is a natural fiber that breaks down easily and returns to the soil, replenishing and nourishing our earth. Sarah Silk’s toys stimulate children’s imagination and capture the magical soul that lives in them. They offer endless possibilities of open-ended: they are perfect for dress-up or pretend play, small world play or self-expressions, such as dancing. Playsilks are naturally lightweight and transparent, they move and fly in a majestic way. As a vegan friendly alternative Sarah Silk’s also offers cotton playclothes.

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