We enjoy organized activities and workshops, but what we cherish even more is unstructured, child-led free play! This is why we turn Gnezdo (Ljubljana) into an OPEN PLAY STUDIO on some Mondays of the month. We welcome you and your  little one to explore and play together in a prepared studio environment bursting with colourful, open-ended natural toys and developmentally appropriate materials. Whether you come to socialize with friendly families, try some of our toys or spend some meaningful time in a cozy space, or ask play and development-related questions from our professional host, our doors are wide open! As an English-speaking expat mom, Noemi aims to create an inclusive environment where both local and international families feel welcome and can connect with each other through play!

In our BUTTERFLY GROUP, we offer afternoon playdate sessions for toddlers and older children (aged 1-5 years) once a month. In the autumn/winter season, we look forward to welcoming you to our studio on the following dates:

  • October 9th, 16:00
  • November 20th, 16:00
  • December 18th, 16:00

Participation costs 6 euros per occasion, or you can opt for the all-occasion season ticket at a discounted price of 15 euros.

For more information about the event, including further details, locations and cancellation policy, please check our event website.

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