Do you feel like you’re not the most creative parent and struggle how to introduce art into your child’s life? Do you find yourself lost between all the perfect-looking Pinterest craft activities? Do you wonder if that’s even the kind of thing your child truly needs? Or maybe there is a better way to unleash the little artist (and out-of-box thinker) within?

Our igrART sessions, held once a month in Gnezdo (Ljubljana), are here to give away the secret to creativity! We hope you will both walk away not only with a fun afternoon, but with the realisation that we are ALL born creatives! We hope to give you a spark to create much more and enjoy the process along the way!

In the autumn/winter season, we look forward to welcoming you to our studio on the following dates:

  • October 2nd, 16:00
  • November 6th, 16:00
  • December 4th, 16:00

Participation costs 10 euros per occasion, or you can opt for the all-occasion season ticket at a discounted price of 25 euros.

For more information about the event, including further details, locations and cancellation policy, please check our event website.

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